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· The pet and cage must not weigh more than 100 lbs. in total.

· The cage must have a rigid structure.

· It must be impermeable, well-ventilated from all its four sides and rid of any object that may injure the pet.

· It must also be scratch-proof and leak-proof.

· It must have handles to be lifted up.

· If the cage measures more than 62 total inches, you must cover an oversize fee in addition to the charge already established for the pet transportation service.

· The pet must be able to move freely and rotate around its axis within the cage.

· The cage must be labeled with your contact data and pet identification.

· The cage must have an odor neutralizer; you may place absorbing material or kitty litter inside.

· You can place spill-proof food and water containers for your pet (belonging to the passenger) inside the cage. The containers must avoid leakage and have absorbing material.



Please review the fees for our Pet in Belly and Pet On Board services at the Volaris airport counters, our sales modules, or our Additional Services Fees site.